Proposal 3

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September 17, 2022

Proposal 3

For many people, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, it is of no surprise that the Church of Detroit, and the diocese throughout the state, are campaigning against Proposal 3 on Michigan’s November ballot. I believe that over the next month and a half, we will be inundated with commercials proclaming the issue of Women’s Rerpoductive Health. It is unfortunate that some Catholics, in their enthusiasim for human rights, would be confused about the real issue of abortion. Let no one be confused; abortions are not performed to protect a woman’s reproductive health, but to kill the unborn child within her womb.

There are pregnancies that in fact do threaten the life of the mother. A woman seeking medical services to protect her life when a real and genuine threat is present, is not specifically seeking an abortion. The end result may be in the tragic loss of the infant’s life, but the ultimate goal is to save life. The argument for the “reproductive health” is not really the question, but an euphamism for proclaiming a personal autonomy over her body. Which again, is not in conflict with Catholic thought or teaching. What must be considered is that the aborted child is not a “part” of the mother’s body, but a wholely separate person, a body distinguished from her own, growin, developing within her womb.

A a people of a common humanity, regardless of religious affiliations, must recognize and defend with vitality the legitimate right of every human life. The philosophical argument “for the greater good” cannot be legitimately applied in the case of abortions – the direct and purposed kiling of the unborn; the physically or mentally challenged; or the aged. The moral based human society seeks to understand the challenges and difficulties of evvery stage, and work together to find reasonable and compassionate solutions. The argument for the “woman’s right” to her own body does not meet the rquirements for the greter good; it is only a personal “good” being sought.

Catholics, Protestants, and atheists alike should see through the veild language of Proposal 3 and recognize the threat to human society itself – the premise that one’s right to life depends upon someone elses convenience. A “No” vote on Proposal 3 is a reaffirmation of the universal right to life to all people.

Rev. Mr. Bill Stimpson